TMGROUP uses social media services like Xing and Facebook since spring of 2017. The English translation of the corporate web page will released this month to push the gates open to international markets.

After the successful launch of the new arranged web page in April 2017, the English version of the web page followed in June. So international costumers and interested persons are able to discover TMGROUP almost barrier freely via website.

As a supplement to the classic corporate website TMGROUP created new information and communication platform on Facebook and Xing for their employees, future applicants, costumers and interested persons. The new company page of TMGROUP on Xing enable the expansion of existing networks in the area of business social media.

On the TMGROUP Facebook page, current company events and news are shared with the community. The possibilities of social media should be used to communicate for example our apprenticeship offers. You can follow TMGROUP on Facebook and Xing and always stay informed!