SFB Schönebecker Fahrzeugbau GmbH

In March 2008, the Schönebecker Fahrzeugbau (SFB) was separated from Schönebecker Maschinenbau (SMB) due to the rapid growth. Our production focus lies on steel, component and chassis construction.

Beyond the classic chassis construction

With the production of chassis, sheet metal and welding assemblies up to 50 tons, we operate independently within the broadly based TMGROUP group of companies. With us you can reliably plan your production for single components or small series, both strictly to our specifications and far beyond the classic vehicle construction. We also support our business partners in the field of system components, special chassis construction as well as in the equipment for special vehicle construction.

Complete solutions with growth potential

The 100 employees of the SFB Schönebecker Fahrzeugbau GmbH provide approx. 150,000 production hours per year and use a modern machine park for approximately 19,000 m² of warehouse space. SFB also has further growth potential in line with its sister company SMB.

Produkte und Services

  • working on 2D, tube and grider

    working on 2D, tube and grider

    • power 5 kW
    • max. plate thickness steel/ aluminium/ stainless steel
    25/20/12 mm
    • max. tube diameter 370 mm (pipe)
    • max. plate dimensions 6.000 x 2.000 mm
    • max. grider length 3.750 mm
    • automatic laser measurement technology

  • edging


    • up to 320 tons bending power
    • max. edging length 4.080 mm
    • max. height 365 mm
    • plate thickness from 1.5 to 22 mm
    • max. stop 600 mm

  • milling CNC and conventional

    milling CNC and conventional

    • max. face plate dimensions 1.000 x 1.200 mm
    • max. product dimensions 1.250 x 880 x 880 mm
    • max. weight 2 tons
  • turning CNC and conventional

    turning CNC and conventional

    • swing over bed 570 mm
    • swing over cross slide 420 mm
    • clamping tube diameter 170 mm
    • spindle diameter 65 mm
    • turret with driven tools
    • tailstock

  • automatic boring, cutting, milling

    automatic boring, cutting, milling

    • mitre cuts from +45° to -60°
    • product dimensions 620 x 350 x 12.000 mm

    Boring and milling machines

    • product dimensions 600 x 500 mm
    • power three drill motors with each 29.5 kW
    • three axes (Y/Z/W)

  • boring

    • max. boring diameter 63 mm
    • throat 2.000 mm
    • spindle high 380 mm
    • tool change with six tools
    • face plate dimensions 800 x 630 mm

  • welding methods

    • metal-active-gas welding (MAG welding)
    • metal-inert-gas welding
    • tungsten-inert-gas welding
    • submerged arc welding
    • resistance welding

  • welding robots

    • welding robot 3.200 x 1.100 x 350 mm
    • max. weight 500 kg
    • all-purpose 3D welding range 20.000 x 2.500 mm
    • resistance welding (spot welding, stud welding, projection welding) on fixed and movable plants

  • combined cleaning, spraying and drying booth

    combined cleaning, spraying and drying booth

    • max. length 17.500 mm
    • max. width 5.000 mm
    • max. high 6.000 mm
  • finial assembly

    finial assembly

    • completion of complex assemblies with electric and hydraulic components
    • replenishment of system components
    • consignment sale and delivery based on the costumers

  • quality assurance and material testing

    quality assurance and material testing

    • x-ray testing (or x-ray checking/inspection)
    • ultrasonic testing
    • magnetic particle testing
    • indentation test
    • size check with laser measurement technology
    • complete product documentation