SMB Schönebecker Maschinenbau GmbH

In the last few years, the demand for machinery and plant construction in the permanently busy Dessau location has increased so strongly that new capacities have to be found. In March 2006, the former tractor plant was taken over in Schönebeck/ Elbe. TM Verwaltungs GmbH founded SMB Schönebecker Maschinenbau GmbH on 28 March 2006.

Complex steel construction up to 80 tons

After a 6-month rebuilding phase and an investment of 5 million euros in two new production lines, steel tower production was started in the autumn of 2006. At the same time, the production of lightweight steel assemblies and special chassis with 60 employees in Schönebeck was continued, optimized and expanded.

Steel towers for wind turbine generators and equipment for special-purpose machines

More than 100 employees currently working on an area of c. 40.000 m² and complete c. 200,000 production hours for the steel tower construction annually. The sister companies GSD Großanlagen- und Schwermaschinenbau Dessau GmbH and SMB Schönebecker Maschinenbau GmbH operating within the TMGROUP and complement each other in a practically symbiotic way as a manufacturing community. Thus they are able to fulfill the complex requirements of our customers flexible at any time in individual orders as well as in project business, especially in the field of final assembly and service. In addition, the Schönebeck site has further growth reserves.

Produkte und Services

  • welding methods

    welding methods

    • shielded metal arc welding (electric welding)
    • metal-active-gas welding (MAG welding)
    • metal-inert-gas welding
    • tungsten-inert-gas welding
  • welding of straight and round welding joints

    welding of straight and round welding joints

    • submerged arc welding
    • max. diameter 6.000 mm
    • semiautomatic welding process
  • 4-wheel plate bending machine

    4-wheel plate bending machine

    • plate thickness from 10 to 120 mm with max. roll width of 4.000 mm (depending on the flexural-yield strength of the material)
    • producible diameter from 800 to 6.000 mm (depending on the plate thickness)
    • weight per machine operation 40 tons
  • quality assurance and material testing

    quality assurance and material testing

    • x-ray testing (or x-ray checking/inspection)
    • ultrasonic testing
    • magnetic particle testing
    • indentation test
    • size check with laser measurement technology
    • complete product documentation
  • final assembly and final inspection

    final assembly and final inspection

    • assembly of serivce platforms, ladder systems, lift systems, ventilations systems and lighting systems as well as cable lines and more
    • final inspection and loading

  • CNC flame cutting machine

    CNC flame cutting machine

    • max. product dimensions 30.000 x 4.000 mm
    • max. plate thickness 150 mm
    • max. weight 40 t
    • contour cut and weld joint preparation in one machine operation