CNC flame cutting machine

• max. product dimensions 30.000 x 4.000 mm • max. plate thickness 150 mm • max. weight 40 t • contour cut and weld joint preparation in one machine operation

quality assurance and material testing

x-ray testing (or x-ray checking/inspection) ultrasonic testing magnetic particle testing indentation test size check with laser measurement technology complete product documentation

final assembly and final inspection

• assembly of serivce platforms, ladder systems, lift systems, ventilations systems and lighting systems as well as cable lines and more • final inspection and loading

welding methods

shielded metal arc welding (electric welding) metal-active-gas welding (MAG welding) metal-inert-gas welding tungsten-inert-gas welding

4-wheel plate bending machine

plate thickness from 10 to 120 mm with max. roll width of 4.000 mm (depending on the flexural-yield strength of the material) producible diameter from 800 to 6.000 mm (depending on the plate thickness) weight per machine operation 40 tons