ZSD Zerspanung Dessau GmbH

The ZSD Zerspanung Dessau GmbH was founded in 2005 from the existing sister company GSD Großanlagen- und Schwermaschinenbau Dessau GmbH and works as a financial independent company within TMGROUP. The company specializes in the machining (turning, drilling, milling) of large parts up to 64 tons.

Large-scale chipping up to 64 tons

Special attention is given to the ability to terminate flexible individual and small series production of assemblies with unit weights of up to 64 tons, whereby the steel assemblies to be machined are optionally supplied by you as customers, but alternatively they can also be produced by the sister companies GSD and SMB. At the customer’s request, we also take over the procurement of castings and forging parts. In addition, a subsequent corrosion protection can be carried out after processing.

The company, which has 30 employees and a lean organization, has a production area of approx. 5,000 m² and a regular capacity of approx. 45,000 production hours per year.

Our customers include well-known companies from the following industries:

Produkte und Services

  • horizontal boring machines

    horizontal boring machines

    • x-axis max. 12.000 mm
    • y-axis max 6.500 mm
    • z-axis max. 1.500 mm
    • boring spindle diameter 700 mm
    • V-plate  cross adjustment max 3.000 mm
    • B-plate rotational axis 360°
    • face plate dimensions 3.000 x 3.000 mm (6.000 x 6.000 mm)
    • max. load 60 tons

  • CNC flange drilling machine

    CNC flange drilling machine

    • circle Diameter  2.000–4.300 mm
    • max. drilling depth 180 mm
    • max. drilling Diameter 50 mm
  • carousel turning machine

    carousel turning machine

    • max. face plate diameter 5.600 mm
    • max. working diameter 6.900 mm
    • max. turning height 3.500 mm
    • max. face plate load 60 tons
    • two cross member supports with tool changer vertical overhang 1.900 mm
    • tool change
    • Siemens 840D
    • grinding system boring spindle